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  • 7 Cardiology Trials to Look for in 2018   Trials on PCSK9 inhibitors, antiplatelets, anticoagulants, and even catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation are among Drs Harrington and Gibson's picks for what to look for in 2018.

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Fast Five Quizzes

  • Erythema multiforme is a skin condition associated with infections, medications, and other triggers. Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms as well as best practices for this condition?
  • Stroke is the fourth leading cause of adult death and disability. Do you know the complications, proper workup, and best treatment practices? Test yourself with our quick quiz.
  • Systemic inflammatory response syndrome is not always related to infection and can be caused by ischemia, inflammation, trauma, or several factors. Test yourself on key aspects with this short quiz.
  • The immediate and long-term consequences of cardiovascular disorders are serious. Do you know the best practices for cardiac rehabilitation? Test yourself with our short quiz.

Case Challenges

  • A 42-year-old man presents with dyspnea that has been worsening for the past 2 years and is associated with decreased exercise tolerance. CT angiography of the chest is performed. What is the diagnosis?


  • Abnormal growth can be the first indicator of an underlying disease process in an apparently healthy-looking youngster. Can you identify the following growth disorders and their diagnostic strategies?
  • Accurate diagnosis of neck masses is critical to minimizing patient morbidity and mortality. Can you identify these 10 lesions and determine their management?
  • Although e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems are growing in popularity, uncertainty surrounds these products, and federal regulations are lacking. Thus, health professionals must provide accurate information that will aid patients' decision making.
  • Evaluating the pregnant patient with abdominal pain has inherent challenges, and even the experienced clinician must be wary. Be sure you can safely rule the most worrisome diagnoses in or out.

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  • Influenza Strikes Again: 100 Years After Great Pandemic As we mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the pandemic -- which swept across the globe in three waves, killing tens of millions of people -- we look at what's changed since 1918.

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