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  • New York Surgeon Gets 13 Years in Prison for Medicare Fraud A federal judge also ordered Syed Imran Ahmed, MD, to pay millions in restitution and fines. The court found he billed more than $85M for procedures he never performed and upped charges with a false code.

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  • Billing Costs Consume 14.5% of Primary Care Visit RevenueA time-based study in a large academic center with a certified EHR shows that for each PCP, it takes $99,000 in administrative work per year just to get paid. For emergency department visits, billing was 25.2% of revenue.
  • Dementia Drug for Alcohol-Related Brain Damage?Heavy alcohol use in teens leads to long-lasting structural and genetic changes in the brain that may be reversed with a short course of donepezil, early research suggests.


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  • When Missing a 'Zebra' Can Land You in Court Physicians are generally unlikely to face a malpractice suit for misdiagnosing a rare disease, which affects about 1 in 10 people. But the results of a delayed or wrong diagnosis can be devastating or lethal.
  • To Hug or Not: Physicians Differ on What's the Right Behavior Some physicians want to offer patients support; others say hugs have no business in the medical office. In today's environment, do doctors think hugs are appropriate?


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