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  • ACIP Recommends Heplisav-B Vaccine for AdultsHeplisav-B, a yeast-derived hepatitis B vaccine made with a novel adjuvant, is recommended for individuals aged 18 years and older, according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
  • Ambulatory 24-Hour BP Monitoring Best Predicts MortalityThe largest study ever conducted of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring shows 24-hour measures predict mortality much better than do office measurements and should now be routine, researchers say.
  • Timing Cortisol Therapy Could Improve Adrenal InsufficiencyGiving cortisol replacement therapy in a pattern that mimics normal rhythms of human secretion could result in better sleep quality and cognitive function compared with standard dosing, say UK researchers.
  • Glasgow Coma Scale Gets an Eye-Opening UpdateResearchers have found that adding pupil response to the scale more accurately predicts prognosis after TBI, including the likelihood of death, than either measure alone.
  • Opioid Prescriptions See Largest Annual Drop in 25 YearsFactors driving the decline in opioid prescriptions include major clinical guideline shifts, payer reimbursement controls, and regulatory and legislative restrictions; meanwhile, overall use of medications continued to rise in 2017, a new report shows.


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