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2018 -

  • The risk of venous thromboembolism during and after hospitalisation in patients with inflammatory bowel disease activity. 
  • Microbial translocation and T cell activation are modified by direct-acting antiviral therapy in HCV-infected patients. 
  • Systematic review with meta-analysis: the efficacy of prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics and antibiotics in irritable bowel syndrome. 
  • Prevalence and clinical characteristics of refractoriness to optimal proton pump inhibitor therapy in non-erosive reflux disease. 
  • Anxiety after coeliac disease diagnosis predicts mucosal healing: a population-based study. 
  • Review article: novel antivirals for hepatitis C-sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir, glecaprevir/pibrentasvir. 
  • Predictors of advanced fibrosis in non-cirrhotic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Germany. 
  • Liver fat scores predict liver disease mortality in the United States population. 
  • Inequity of care provision and outcome disparity in autoimmune hepatitis in the United Kingdom. 
  • The role of multimodal treatment in Crohn's disease patients with perianal fistula: a multicentre retrospective cohort study. 
  • Association between chronic viral hepatitis and metabolic syndrome in southern Taiwan: a large population-based study. 
  • Review article: drug-induced liver injury in the context of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - a physiopathological and clinical integrated view. 
  • Bile acid homeostasis and intestinal dysbiosis in alcoholic hepatitis. 
  • Variable efficacy of TIPSS in the management of ectopic variceal bleeding: a multicentre retrospective study. 
  • Male gender, active smoking and previous intestinal resection are risk factors of post-operative endoscopic recurrence in Crohn's disease: results from a prospective cohort study. 
  • A comparison of the risk of postoperative recurrence between African-American and Caucasian patients with Crohn's disease. 
  • Chronic kidney disease progression in patients with chronic hepatitis B on tenofovir, entecavir, or no treatment. 
  • Randomised clinical trial: 2% taurolidine versus 0.9% saline locking in patients on home parenteral nutrition. 
  • Index serum hyaluronic acid independently and accurately predicts mortality in patients with liver disease. 
  • Impact of patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 3 rs738409 G/G genotype on hepatic decompensation and mortality in patients with portal hypertension. 
  • Interferon-free therapy in hepatitis C virus mixed cryoglobulinaemia: a prospective, controlled, clinical and quality of life analysis. 
  • Clinical features and outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma in Caucasian cirrhotic patients on long-term analogue therapy for hepatitis B. 

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