Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

(ISSN: 0149-2195,1545-861X)

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From Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

2016 - 65 (14)

  • Notes from the Field: Health Care-Associated Outbreak of Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis--West Virginia, 2015. 
  • Notes from the Field: Outbreak of Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Infections Linked to Pork--Washington, 2015. 
  • Survey of Blood Collection Centers and Implementation of Guidance for Prevention of Transfusion-Transmitted Zika Virus Infection--Puerto Rico, 2016. 
  • Male-to-Male Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus--Texas, January 2016. 
  • Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food and the Effect of Increasing Use of Culture-Independent Diagnostic Tests on Surveillance--Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 2012-2015. 
  • Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students--United States, 2011-2015. 
  • QuickStats: Percentage* of Adults with Fair or Poor Health,(���) by Home Ownership Status(��) and Age Group - National Health Interview Survey,(��) United States, 2014. 
  • Notice to Readers: MMWR Reports Now Feature Altmetric Scores. 
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