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2018 -

  • Outcomes after ischemic stroke caused by intracranial atherosclerosis vs dissection. 
  • Middle cerebral artery geometric features are associated with plaque distribution and stroke. 
  • Congenital myasthenic syndromes in adult neurology clinic: A long road to diagnosis and therapy. 
  • Evidence of mild founder LMOD3 mutations causing nemaline myopathy 10 in Germany and Austria. 
  • CSF sAPPβ, YKL-40, and NfL along the ALS-FTD spectrum. 
  • Clinical correlates of quantitative EEG in Parkinson disease: A systematic review. 
  • Quality improvement in neurology: Epilepsy Quality Measurement Set 2017 Update. 
  • Imbalance of cortical facilitatory and inhibitory circuits underlies hyperexcitability in ALS. 
  • Paraneoplastic neuronal intermediate filament autoimmunity. 
  • Racial differences in recurrent ischemic stroke risk and recurrent stroke case fatality. 
  • Sleep duration and risk of incident stroke by age, sex, and race: The REGARDS study. 
  • Neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease showing intranuclear inclusions in renal biopsy 12 years earlier. 
  • The road to quality: Paved with more than good intentions. 
  • Outcomes after carotid endarterectomy among elderly dual Medicare-Medicaid-eligible patients. 
  • Carotid endarterectomy outcomes: What does the patient bring to the table? 
  • Pregnancy rates and outcomes in women with and without MS in the United States. 
  • Venoplasty in MS: Therapeutic intervention without any evidence. 
  • Relapses and disease-modifying drug treatment in pregnancy and live birth in US women with MS. 
  • Safety and efficacy of venoplasty in MS: A randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled, phase II trial. 
  • NIHSS cut-point for predicting outcome in supra- vs infratentorial acute ischemic stroke. 
  • Pregnancy in multiple sclerosis: Data from an administrative claims database. 
  • Lorcaserin therapy for severe epilepsy of childhood onset: A case series. 
  • Novel biomarker signatures for idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder: A proteomic and system biology approach. 
  • Area postrema syndrome: Frequency, criteria, and severity in AQP4-IgG-positive NMOSD. 
  • Psychiatric disorders in C9orf72 kindreds: Study of 1,414 family members. 
  • Incidence and prevalence of MS in children: A population-based study in Ontario, Canada. 
  • Socioeconomic position in childhood and cognitive aging in Europe. 
  • Mortality in patients with Parkinson disease psychosis receiving pimavanserin and quetiapine. 
  • Maternal death in women with epilepsy. 
  • Comment: Type 1 diabetes, traumatic brain injury, and dementia: Interactions or just bad luck? 
  • Global and regional brain hypometabolism on FDG-PET in treated HIV-infected individuals. 
  • The clinical spectrum of CASQ1-related myopathy. 
  • Traumatic brain injury associated with dementia risk among people with type 1 diabetes. 
  • Nocturnal supervision and SUDEP risk at different epilepsy care settings. 
  • Nocturnal monitoring in epilepsy: Evidence mounts. 
  • Sigma-1 receptor and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 
  • MRI load of cerebral microvascular lesions and neurodegeneration, cognitive decline, and dementia. 
  • Supine plasma NE predicts the pressor response to droxidopa in nOH. 
  • Changes in subjective experience elicited by direct stimulation of the human orbitofrontal cortex. 
  • Prestroke physical activity could influence acute stroke severity (part of PAPSIGOT). 
  • Primary angiitis of the CNS and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome: A comparative study. 
  • Vascular risk burden, brain health, and next steps. 
  • Vascular risk at younger ages most strongly associates with current and future brain volume. 
  • Prestroke physical activity to reduce stroke severity: Moving to lower risk with light activity. 
  • Smartphone motor testing to distinguish idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder, controls, and PD. 
  • Timing of milestone competency acquisition in neurology residency: What by when? 
  • NfL is a biomarker for adult-onset leukoencephalopathy with axonal spheroids and pigmented glia. 
  • Preprints and the implications for subsequent peer review and publishing. 

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