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2018 - 31 (2)

  • Already 19: Further Reflections on Parenting, Aniridia, and Being a Doctor. 
  • Revisiting Primary Care's Critical Role in Achieving Health Equity: Pisacano Scholars' Reflections from Starfield Summit II. 
  • Moral Distress with Obstacles to Hepatitis C Treatment: A Council of Academic Family Medicine Educational Research Alliance (CERA) Study of Family Medicine Program Directors. 
  • Plantar Fascia Rupture: Ultrasound to Facilitate Recognition. 
  • Evaluation of an Ongoing Diabetes Group Medical Visit in a Family Medicine Practice. 
  • Humor During Clinical Practice: Analysis of Recorded Clinical Encounters. 
  • Physician Multisite Practicing: Impact on Access to Care. 
  • A Model for Measuring Ambulatory Access to Care Recovery after Disasters. 
  • Moving Away from the Tip of the Pyramid: Screening and Brief Intervention for Risky Alcohol and Opioid Use in Underserved Patients. 
  • Critical Factors to Practicing Medical Acupuncture in Family Medicine: Patient and Physician Perspectives. 
  • Barriers and Facilitators to Expanding Roles of Medical Assistants in Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). 
  • Retrospective Comparison of Cardiac Testing and Results on Inpatients with Low Pretest Probability Compared with Moderate/High Pretest Probability for Coronary Artery Disease. 
  • Greater Occipital Nerve Block for Acute Treatment of Migraine Headache: A Large Retrospective Cohort Study. 
  • Delivering Interconception Care During Well-Child Visits: An IMPLICIT Network Study. 
  • Patient-Centered Guidelines for Geriatric Diabetes Care: Potential Missed Opportunities to Avoid Harm. 
  • Menthol Cough Drops: Cause for Concern? 
  • Wide Gap between Preparation and Scope of Practice of Early Career Family Physicians. 
  • Potentially Alarming Trends in the Scope of Practice for Family Physicians. 
  • Real-Life Observational Studies Provide Actionable Data for Family Medicine. 

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Mission Statement: Published since 1988, the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM ) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM).