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2018 - 129 (4)

  • Questions about the Practice Management Guidelines for Moderate Sedation and Analgesia. 
  • Haunted Anesthesia? Spirited Herbs in Mayo's Vegetable Vapor. 
  • From "Bagging" Patients to Bagging Dr. Heidbrink, Maker of Anesthesia Machines. 
  • Images in Anesthesiology: Persistent Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema. 
  • Ohmeda Slide Rule for Pressures and Volumes. 
  • Birth Centennial of Nobel Laureate Skou, an Investigator of Local Anesthetics and the Sodium-Potassium Pump. 
  • How Two Longfellows Revered Ether. 
  • From Horse to Hearse: Tragedy Strikes Laughing-gas Dentist Charles Henry Neall. 
  • Instructions for Obtaining ANESTHESIOLOGY Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit. 
  • Machine Learning for Anesthesiologists: A Primer. 
  • Science, Medicine, and the Anesthesiologist. 
  • Liposomal Bupivacaine Infiltration for Knee Arthroplasty: Significant Analgesic Benefits or Just a Bunch of Fat? 
  • Stereoselective Ketamine Metabolism by Genetic Variants of Cytochrome P450 CYP2B6 and Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase. 
  • Maintenance of Certification: Has MOC Gone Amok? 
  • Preoperative Epoetin-α with Intravenous or Oral Iron for Major Orthopedic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 
  • Flashes of Insight: Applying New Techniques to a Classic Model. 
  • Anesthetics Have Different Effects on the Electrocorticographic Spectra of Wild-type and Mitochondrial Mutant Mice. 
  • Supervised Machine-learning Predictive Analytics for Prediction of Postinduction Hypotension. 
  • Pharmacokinetic Properties of a Sufentanil Sublingual Tablet Intended to Treat Acute Pain: Erratum. 
  • Complications in Pediatric Regional Anesthesia: An Analysis of More than 100,000 Blocks from the Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Network. 
  • Standardized Unloading of Respiratory Muscles during Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist: A Randomized Crossover Pilot Study. 
  • Reducing the Incidence of Substance Use Disorders in Anesthesiology Residents: 13 Years of Comprehensive Urine Drug Screening. 
  • Breakdown of Neural Function under Isoflurane Anesthesia: In Vivo, Multineuronal Imaging in Caenorhabditis elegans. 
  • Association between Performance in a Maintenance of Certification Program and Disciplinary Actions against the Medical Licenses of Anesthesiologists. 
  • Incisional Nociceptive Input Impairs Attention-related Behavior and Is Associated with Reduced Neuronal Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex in Rats. 
  • Effect of Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia in a Rat Model of Phrenic Motor Inhibition after Upper Abdominal Surgery. 
  • Preanesthesia Premedication: The "Monaldi" Protocol. 
  • Machine-learning Algorithm to Predict Hypotension Based on High-fidelity Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis. 
  • Liposomal Bupivacaine Does Not Reduce Inpatient Opioid Prescription or Related Complications after Knee Arthroplasty: A Database Analysis. 
  • Reinke's Edema: Implications for Airway Management. 
  • Delayed Tension Pneumomediastinum after Cardiac Surgery. 
  • Development and Validation of a Deep Neural Network Model for Prediction of Postoperative In-hospital Mortality. 
  • Neurocognitive Function after Cardiac Surgery: From Phenotypes to Mechanisms. 

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