American Family Physician

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From American Family Physician

2018 - 97 (3)

  • Evidence Poses a Challenge to Imaging Standards in the Diagnosis of Pneumonia. 
  • Tremor: Sorting Through the Differential Diagnosis. 
  • Effectiveness of Skin-to-Skin Care for Procedure-Related Pain in Newborns. 
  • Diffuse Thick Scale on Both Hands. 
  • Injected Corticosteroids for Plantar Heel Pain. 
  • Opioids for Acute Pain: Proceed with Caution. 
  • Introducing AFP's Next Editor-in-Chief. 
  • Hemorrhoids: Diagnosis and Treatment Options. 
  • Clostridium difficile Infection: Prevention and Treatment. 
  • Childhood Bullying: Implications for Physicians. 
  • OnabotulinumtoxinA Injections for Urge Incontinence. 
  • Beta Blockers Compared with Other Drug Options for the Treatment of Hypertension. 
  • Cancer Screening Recommendations from the ACS: A Summary of the 2017 Guidelines. 
  • Effectiveness of ACL Injury Prevention Programs. 

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Mission Statement: American Family Physician (AFP) is the AAFP's editorially independent, peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical review journal.

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