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2018 - 98 (8)

  • The Presence of Bull's Eye Lesion Is Not Required to Diagnose Lyme Disease. 
  • Genetic Factors Should Be Considered When Caring for Colorectal Cancer Survivors. 
  • Urinary Retention in Adults: Evaluation and Initial Management. 
  • Five-Day Nitrofurantoin Superior to Single-Dose Fosfomycin for Women with Uncomplicated UTI. 
  • Newborn with a Hyperextended Knee. 
  • Recombinant Zoster Vaccine (Shingrix) for the Prevention of Shingles. 
  • Counseling Patients About Prostate Cancer Screening. 
  • Screening for Prostate Cancer: Recommendation Statement. 
  • Long-Acting Muscarinic Antagonists plus Inhaled Steroids is Equal to Long-Acting Beta-Agonists Plus Inhaled Steroids. 
  • Morning vs. Evening Administration of Levothyroxine. 
  • High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents. 
  • Depression: Screening and Diagnosis. 
  • Cerumen Impaction: Diagnosis and Management. 
  • Influenza Vaccination Recommendations for 2018-2019: Updates from ACIP. 
  • Cannabinoids Somewhat Helpful for Nausea, Maybe Helpful for Spasticity, Probably Not Helpful for Nonneuropathic Pain. 
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Important for Decision-Making About Treatment. 

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Mission Statement: American Family Physician (AFP) is the AAFP's editorially independent, peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical review journal.

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