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2019 -

  • Step-by-step Teaching Method Improves the Learner Achievement in Dental Skill Training. 
  • Measuring the impact of simulation practice on the spatial representation ability of dentists by means of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar (IMTM) Surgery on 3D printed models. 
  • Between fairness and fear-Dental undergraduates' attitudes towards objective structured clinical examinations. 
  • An investigation of dental students' perceptions about the characteristics of effective instructors and their related factors. 
  • "I am a lefty in a right-handed world": Qualitative analysis of clinical learning experience of left-handed undergraduate dental students. 
  • Impact of a diagnostic workshop on undergraduate teaching-learning process for the diagnosis and management of tooth restorations-A randomised controlled study. 
  • Knowledge of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance amongst final year dental students of Polish medical schools-A cross-sectional study. 
  • Self-regulated learning strategies in world's first MOOC in implant dentistry. 
  • Self-perceptions and actual employment patterns amongst recent Australian dental graduates. 
  • A global perspective on implant education: Cluster analysis of the "first dental implant experience" of dentists from 84 nationalities. 
  • Clinical photography: Attitudes among dental students in two dental institutions. 
  • Teaching of forensic odontology in basic dental programmes in nine Australian dental schools: A survey. 
  • Evaluation of dental students' knowledge and patient care towards HIV/AIDS individuals. 
  • Moving The Four Habits Model into Dentistry. Development of a Dental Consultation Model Do dentists need an additional habit? 
  • Values related to professionalism in dental education at the University of Chile: Student and faculty perceptions. 
  • Students' self-assessment of competencies in the phantom course of operative dentistry. 
  • Human disease/clinical medical sciences for dentistry in early-years dental graduates: Transition from undergraduate study to clinical practice. 
  • Medical reliability of a video-sharing website: The gingival recession model. 
  • Training and evaluation of professors of dentistry in postgraduate programmes in Brazil. 
  • Student and faculty perspectives of a faculty-student mentoring programme in a dental school. 

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