European journal of dental education

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From European journal of dental education

2018 -

  • The "Plan" phase of a Deming cycle: Measurement of quality and outcome of root canal treatments in a university hospital. 
  • The benefits of integrating dental and dental therapy and hygiene students in undergraduate curricula. 
  • Engagement with peer observation of teaching by a dental school faculty in the United Kingdom. 
  • The need to educate future dental professionals on E-cigarette effects. 
  • Knowledge and attitudes of recently qualified dentists working in Wales towards antimicrobial prescribing and resistance. 
  • Dentists' responses about the effectiveness of continuing education activities. 
  • Self-perceived preparedness of final year dental students in a developing country-A multi-institution study. 
  • Experiences during the execution of emergency endodontic treatment and levels of anxiety in dental students. 
  • Country and gender differences in the motivation of dental students-An international comparison. 
  • An innovative educational approach in using instructional videos to teach dental local anaesthetic skills. 
  • Investigating an errorless learning approach for developing dental operative technique skills: A pilot study. 
  • DREEM-ing of dentistry: Students' perception of the academic learning environment in Australia. 
  • Integrating threshold concepts with reflective practice: Discussing a theory-based approach for curriculum refinement in dental education. 
  • First reported implementation of a German-language progress test in an undergraduate dental curriculum: A prospective study. 
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of a preclinical practice of tooth preparation using digital training system: A randomised controlled trial. 
  • Effect of different scoring approaches upon credit assignment when using Multiple True-False items in dental undergraduate examinations. 
  • A qualitative analysis of students' perceptions of videos to support learning in a psychomotor skills course. 
  • The communal consultation video-Enhancing learning and broadening experience through observing dialogue. 
  • Oral Medicine for undergraduate dental students in the United Kingdom and Ireland-A curriculum. 
  • Exploring personality in Australian dentistry students: Implications for coping with a challenging degree. 
  • Comparative effectiveness of hand scaling by undergraduate dental students following a two-week pre-clinical training course. 
  • Fifth-year dental students' visions of leadership-A qualitative study. 
  • Perceived sources of stress amongst dental students: A multicountry study. 
  • A rapid review of serious games: From healthcare education to dental education. 
  • Challenges in clinical teaching investigated: Towards sustainable staff recruitment and retention in dentistry. 
  • Self-assessment of ergonomics amongst dental students utilising photography: RCT. 
  • Innovation in dental education: The "On-the-Fly" approach to simultaneous development, implementation and evidence collection. 
  • Perception of dental students on risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders. 

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