Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews

(ISSN: 0091-6331, 1538-3008)

Table of Contents

2017 - 45 (4)

  • Conceptualizing and Defining the Intention Construct for Future Physical Activity Research. 
  • Mechanisms Associated With Physical Activity Behavior: Insights From Rodent Experiments. 
  • Inflammaging and the Age-Specific Responsiveness to Stretch-Shortening Contractions. 
  • Priscilla M. Clarkson Undergraduate Travel Award. 
  • Automatic Affective Evaluations of Physical Activity. 
  • Low-Back Pain Patients Learn to Adapt Motor Behavior With Adverse Secondary Consequences. 
  • Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Limit Adaptation to Stretch-Shortening Contractions in Aging. 

Journal Information

Mission Statement: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews made the transition from an annual hardcover series book to a quarterly journal in January 2000.