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2019 - 28 (3)

  • 2019 National Teaching Institute Research Abstracts. 
  • An Irregular Heart Rhythm in an Athlete. 
  • Alarms, Safety, and Patient Satisfaction. 
  • Contribution of Electrocardiographic Accelerated Ventricular Rhythm Alarms to Alarm Fatigue. 
  • Unplanned Removal of Medical Devices in Critical Care Units in North West England Between 2011 and 2016. 
  • Acute Illnesses, Use of Health Services, and Changes in Medication Among Parents After Infant or Child Death. 
  • Nursing Practice With Transthoracic Intracardiac Catheters in Children: International Benchmarking Study. 
  • AACN's 50th Anniversary: Building on Our Past to Ensure a Bright Future. 

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