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2016 - 175 (4)

  • Plain language summaries in Simplified Chinese. 
  • Image Gallery: Segmental cutaneous leiomyomas in a patient with Reed syndrome. 
  • Image Gallery: Complete remission of aggressive desmoid-type fibromatosis after low-dose methotrexate for 2��weeks in a child with psoriasis. 
  • Cover Image: Life-threatening complications of jellyfish Chrysaora pacifica stings in a 5-year-old child. 
  • Pemphigoid: diversity in evolution. 
  • Frontal fibrosing alopecia and sunscreens: cause or consequence? 
  • Dermoscopy for basal cell carcinoma subtype prediction. 
  • Condylomata acuminata of HIV-positive men may harbour focal areas of dysplasia: relevant implications for the management of human papillomavirus-induced disease in high-risk patients. 
  • Female pattern hair loss, biological ageing and the Leiden Longevity study. 
  • Filaggrin deficiency and T-helper 17 development. 
  • The lesion, or the field, that is the question. 
  • Eczema symptoms scores: are we getting closer to HOME? 
  • Juvenile dermatomyositis: new clinical trial evidence to underpin therapeutic shared decision making. 
  • Lymphoedema is a potential sequela of Kaposiform haemangioendothelioma: reply from the authors. 
  • Lymphoedema is a potential sequela of kaposiform haemangioendothelioma. 
  • Immunophenotypic shift from CD4(+) to CD8(+) in mycosis fungoides. 
  • Ineffective consultations for acne: what is important to patients? 
  • Commissioning of a specialist service for Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis: current management in England could be improved. 
  • Response to 'Founding an undergraduate society: a student-led initiative to improve dermatology education'. 
  • A unique LAMB3 splice-site mutation with founder effect from the Balkans causes lethal epidermolysis bullosa in several European countries. 
  • New Fragrance Mix I formulation in TRUE Test. 
  • The angiotensin-converting enzyme gene insertion polymorphism: a higher risk for psoriasis in male patients. 
  • Nonsegmental vitiligo disease duration and female sex are associated with comorbidity and disease extent: a retrospective analysis in 1307 patients aged ��� 50 years. 
  • Negative maple-leaf-like areas: a new clue for basal cell carcinoma margin recognition. 
  • Clinical and immunological features and outcome of anti-p200 pemphigoid. 
  • Phenotypic heterogeneity in PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum. 
  • Fine arts curriculum improves observational skills of dermatology trainees: a pilot study. 
  • Systematic review of cases of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma transformation in pityriasis lichenoides and small plaque parapsoriasis. 
  • Influence of meteorological data on sun tolerance in patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria in France. 
  • Reporting of symptoms in randomized controlled trials of atopic eczema treatments: a systematic review. 
  • Epidermal filaggrin deficiency mediates increased systemic T-helper 17 immune response. 
  • Genetic analysis of a novel splice-site mutation in TMC8 reveals the in vivo importance of the transmembrane channel-like domain of TMC8. 
  • Low- and high-risk human papillomavirus genotype infections in intra-anal warts in HIV-positive men who have sex with men. 
  • Prevalence and odds of Staphylococcus aureus carriage in atopic dermatitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 
  • Development of stratum corneum chymotrypsin-like protease activity and natural moisturizing factors from birth to 4 weeks of age compared with adults. 
  • Increased airway inflammation in patients with psoriasis. 
  • The new Cutaneous Lymphoma International Prognostic index (CLIPi) for early mycosis fungoides failed to identify prognostic groups in a cohort of Spanish patients. 
  • Iatrogenic delusional infestation: an observational study. 
  • An autoimmune bullous dermatosis with clinical, histopathological and immunological features of bullous pemphigoid and epidermolysis bullosa acquisita in an adult. 
  • Frontal fibrosing alopecia: possible association with leave-on facial skin care products and sunscreens; a questionnaire study. 
  • Both low circulating insulin-like growth factor-1 and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol are associated with hair loss in middle-aged women. 
  • Preoperative prediction of histopathological outcome in basal cell carcinoma: flat surface and multiple small erosions predict superficial basal cell carcinoma in lighter skin types. 
  • A randomized, double-blind, phase III, multicentre study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BF-200 ALA (Ameluz(��) ) vs. placebo in the field-directed treatment of mild-to-moderate actinic keratosis with photodynamic therapy (PDT) when using the BF-RhodoLED(��) lamp. 
  • Dermoscopy, a useful tool for general practitioners in melanoma screening: a nationwide survey. 
  • CDKN2A mutations with p14 loss predisposing to multiple nerve sheath tumours, melanoma, dysplastic naevi and internal malignancies: a case series and review of the literature. 
  • Endothelial chimerism in chronic sclerotic-type chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and GVHD-associated angiomatosis. 

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