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Special Report: Prevent and Treat Flu Better

January 23, 2015

Clinical Guidance on Influenza

Why Is Influenza So Difficult to Prevent and Treat?
Will we see improvements any time soon? Drs Andrew Pavia and Greg Poland answer the tough questions about why this season's flu vaccine was less effective, why the public is resistant to being vaccinated, and how antivirals should really be used.

More on Influenza

2014-2015 CDC Influenza Antiviral Recommendations
You've heard about it, but what does 'flu virus drift' mean to vaccination, flu severity, and flu management this season?

Antivirals, Not Antibiotics, for Influenza
CDC influenza expert Fiona Havers explains when and how antiviral drugs should be used in patients with probable influenza.

Order Antivirals Before Influenza Is Lab-Confirmed, CDC Says
Underutilized antivirals such as oseltamivir can keep people out of the hospital and save lives, says the CDC, and in a bad flu season, they're needed more than ever.

Kids and Flu: How Common Are Complications, Really?
A recent study raised a lot of eyebrows with a conclusion that complications from influenza occurred in large numbers of healthy children. But is that reflective of the real world?

Influenza in Pregnancy: Prevention and Treatment
Pregnant women might not appreciate the dangers that influenza poses to them and their unborn children.

Influenza Resource Center
Stay updated on all the latest news and perspective on influenza this year.

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