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Special Report: Alcohol and Cancer Risk

May 5, 2014


No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe
Even light drinking increases the risk for certain cancers, according to contributors to the 2014 World Cancer Report.

Cancers Caused by Lifestyle Behaviors: Experts Urge Action
Compiling the latest data, the World Cancer Report outlines risk from tobacco, alcohol, and obesity, and urges action to reduce these risks.

Prevention Is Crucial to Stem 'Tidal Wave of Cancer'
Prevention is crucial. Even with the advances that are being made, "we cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem," say experts.

US Women Not Interested in Alcohol as Breast Cancer Risk
American women are uninterested in cutting their alcohol consumption to reduce breast cancer risk, according to a survey.

Alcohol Causes 1 in 30 Cancer Deaths in the US
The first comprehensive study of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths in 3 decades indicates that the problem is substantial in the United States.

Too Much Alcohol: Making Screening and Counseling Routine
Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, CDC Director, talks about the need for alcohol screening and the best ways to make this a routine part of clinical practice.

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Editor's Note

The 2014 World Cancer Report takes a hard look at the risks associated with drinking alcohol, long known as a carcinogen, and concludes that no amount of alcohol consumption can be considered safe.
-- Nancy Terry, Editorial Director, Medscape Oncology


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