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  • AAN 2018 A Computer Algorithm That Guides Stroke Care   Dr Mark Alberts discusses the benefits of using a CT profusion computer algorithm to identify patients with ischemic stroke who are candidates for thrombectomy.
  • 'Time Is Brain': How Mobile Stroke Units Are Saving Lives Medscape spoke with Dr Andrei V. Alexandrov about mobile stroke units with state-of-the-art CT scanners capable of full CT angiography in the field, and how they are changing stroke care.
  • Echo Case: Possibly an All-Time Record Case of…   One of the worst cases Dr Wharton has seen. Can you decipher from the M-modes alone as the echocardiographers of old had to?
  • An 'Incredible' New Wave in Neurology Care   Drs Andrew Wilner and Terry Detrich discuss exciting clinical trial results presented at the 2018 AAN meeting in Los Angeles, and reflect on past breakthroughs in patient care.