Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance Abuse and Addiction News

  • Pro-Smoking Japanese Lawmaker Apologizes for Heckling Cancer Patient A Japanese member of parliament apologized on Thursday for jeering a lung cancer patient testifying about the dangers of secondhand smoke, saying he had spoken out to prevent discrimination against smokers.
  • U.S. Centers Force Migrant Children to Take Drugs - Lawsuit Immigrant children are being routinely and forcibly given a range of psychotropic drugs at U.S. government-funded youth shelters to manage their trauma after being detained and in some cases separated from parents, according to a lawsuit.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Perspective

  • We Can't Find Lung Cancer if We Don't Look for It   Use of low-dose CT lags far behind use of other cancer screening tests.
  • 7 Services PCPs Forget to Bill For Primary care offices may overlook billing for services they provided; either they don't realize they can get reimbursed, or their billing workflow is flawed. Here's how to make sure you get paid.


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