Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders News

  • Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Sleep Quality Adding to past research showing beneficial effects from the Mediterranean diet in older adults, a new study suggests that the diet also improves quality of sleep, although not sleep duration.
  • TMS Promising for Methamphetamine Withdrawal Few agents are currently available to manage withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to drugs of abuse. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) might be a viable alternative, a study suggests.

Sleep Disorders Perspective

  • Resident Suicide: A Tragedy, and Yoga's Not the Answer A compelling documentary examines the pressures and dangerous forces that lead residents and practicing physicians to doubt themselves, make errors, and take their own lives.
  • Three Common Comorbidities With Asthma   Drs Sidney Braman and Linda Rogers discuss the comorbidities of reflux, rhinitis, and sleep apnea that are associated with asthma and whether treating them has a positive impact on outcomes.


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