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Personal Finance Perspectives

  • ASCP's 2017 Wage Survey of Medical Laboratories in the US The American Society for Clinical Pathology presents the results of its latest Wage Survey, meant to inform the pathology and laboratory field of the most recent national wage data.
  • Doctors: 4 Steps to Building Your Finances Don't let bad financial decisions hurt the start of a promising career. There are strategies to use early on to enjoy a paycheck but also avoid major debt.

Personal Finance News

  • Young Surgeons Face High Debt, Financial Instability As the costs of medical school and training continue to rise, young surgeons often face debt burdens that make it difficult for them to start their careers and pay off their loans, according to a new study.
  • Some UK Physicians Unlikely to Ever Pay Off Student Loans A payment term of 30 years is not enough to pay off the maximum loan on an average salary for UK physicians; with smaller loans, women pay more because of their lower wages.