Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma News

  • Rare Manufacturing Glitch Raises Concern Over CAR-T Therapies: Study A single leukemia cell inadvertently got mixed in with a batch of a patient's immune cells that were being manufactured into a CAR-T cell therapy and it acquired resistance to the treatment with deadly results, University of Pennsylvania researchers reported on Monday.
  • ASCO 2018 Can We Afford the Cost of Myeloma Therapy? Two experts square off on the issue of drug cost for multiple myeloma -- is care really not affordable, or are most patients able to access treatment?

Multiple Myeloma Perspective

  • Multiple Myeloma: Taking Control   Experts at City of Hope discuss factors that affect choice of initial therapy in multiple myeloma, including election of early autologous stem cell transplant.
  • A 62-Year-Old Man Who Demands Testing: USMLE Question A 62-year-old man who has no acute complaints demands testing for multiple myeloma, due to his father's death. What do his test results show?