Microbiome News

  • Volunteers Step Forward: Belgian Scientists Look for Poo Donors Belgian scientists are looking for people to donate their feces to help with research into illnesses ranging from bowel disorders and allergies to neurological diseases.
  • Fecal Transplantation May Not Improve IBS Symptoms Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) increases microbial diversity but does not improve symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to results from a placebo-controlled study.

Microbiome Perspectives

  • Clostridium difficile Infection: 5 Things to Know As the most common microbial cause of healthcare-associated infections in US hospitals, clinicians need to have an understanding of C difficile infection. Start with these five key focus areas.
  • Microbiome Makeover: Out With the Bad, In With the Good? Studies presented at DDW 2018 addressed the role of the microbiome in the development and treatment of IBS as well as other gastrointestinal disorders.