Career Perspectives

  • Goats, Education Reform, and Physician Suicide Pamela Wible, MD, is a founder of the ideal medical care movement. She spoke with a fourth-year medical student about her experiences and insights into education and suicide prevention.
  • 'WIN' With Women in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice   Dr Darleen Sandoval discusses the Women's Interprofessional Network of the American Diabetes Association and the group's goals, aimed at supporting women in diabetes research and clinical practice.

Career News

  • ECNP 2018 Problem Gaming, Sexual Compulsion 'Real Conditions' Internet gaming disorder and compulsive sexual behavior are clinically relevant conditions akin to addictions, despite their lack of inclusion in DSM-5, leading experts suggest.
  • Psychogenic Death: Why Do Healthy People Give Up on Life? A new report examines psychogenic death and hypothesizes that it follows a trajectory of progressive demotivation that may end in the death of physically healthy individuals.
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