Kidney & Pancreas Transplant

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant News

  • Fatal Overdoses in U.S. Increasing Pool of Transplantable Organs The increase in drug overdose deaths in the United States appears to have yielded a rise in organs available for transplant, and they are just as viable as those coming from people who have died from other causes, according to a new analysis.
  • Organs From Overdose-Death Donors a Viable Option for Transplant Transplantation with overdose-death donor (ODD) organs has increased dramatically in the U.S., with equivalent outcomes to non-ODD organs, and therefore these organs should not be routinely discarded, researchers in Maryland say.

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Perspective

  • Transplantation and Risk for Malignant Melanoma A study of renal transplant patients shows a 5x increased risk for malignant melanoma.
  • Should We Pay Organ Donor Heroes?   Altruistic organ donors incur many legitimate costs, such as days lost from work and travel, hotel, and dining expenses, yet they aren't compensated. Should the government pay for their expenses?



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