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  • Requiem for Aspirin in Dual Antiplatelet Therapy?   Mounting evidence makes Dr Michelle O'Donoghue wonder whether the perennial question on the optimal duration of DAPT should be revised to: How soon can you drop the aspirin? Have you changed your practice?
  • Closing the Office Door for the Last Time With a heavy heart, Melissa Walton-Shirley bids farewell to full-time practice. Ailing parents and RVU demands drive this transition to a new stage in her career.
  • TCT 2018 MitraClip for Secondary MR -- The Redux Two conflicting studies on the percutaneous treatment of secondary mitral regurgitation in patients with heart failure lead John Mandrola, MD, to compare and contrast as we await the tiebreaker third.
  • Beta-Blockade After MI: No Practice Should Be Set in Stone Meta-analyses suggest little benefit for beta-blockers in contemporary patients with normal ejection fraction after MI. What other dogma should be revisited in light of an evolving evidence base?