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  • Life and Times of Leading Cardiologists: Holger Thiele   Holger Thiele's career in cardiogenic shock began in West Berlin where he witnessed the fall of the wall and moved to Leipzig to pursue cardiology. This former ironman still bikes to the hospital.
  • Dual vs Triple Antithrombotic Therapy? The Debate Continues   Is a NOAC plus an antiplatelet drug enough to prevent thromboses? Stroke? What doses and combinations are safest? Christian Ruff, Mike Gibson, and Chris Cannon examine the evidence.
  • Mandrola's Top 10 Cardiology Stories of 2018 From blood pressure management in the community to a study on potentially biased referees -- John Mandrola reviews his picks for the year's big stories in cardiology and medicine.
  • AHA 2018 Think You're Immune From Bias? Think Again John Mandrola, MD, is intrigued by two studies at AHA that track the cognitive and financial biases that may influence what physicians do in practice and how they write and read research papers.