Interventional Cardiology & Surgery

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  • ACC 2019 Quick Thoughts on the Wrap-IT Trial An antibiotic-impregnated envelope casing for cardiac implantable devices may lower the risk for infection, but is it enough to justify the costs?
  • Cirrhosis and Surgery: How Do We Prevent Unnecessary Risk?   Dr David Johnson on a new review's valuable advice for identifying preoperative red flags in patients with cirrhosis.
  • Interventional Cardiology: Physician and Proceduralist 'I do not want to be known as a high- or a low-volume operator,' writes, Jaya Mallidi, MD, in a plea for her field to value critical thinking as much as it celebrates the latest Impella case.
  • Life and Times of Leading Cardiologists: Holger Thiele   Holger Thiele's career in cardiogenic shock began in West Berlin where he witnessed the fall of the wall and moved to Leipzig to pursue cardiology. This former ironman still bikes to the hospital.
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