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  • Getting Too Little Sleep May 'Age' the Heart Adults who sleep too little or too much may have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, say researchers who argue that the best way to think of the harmful effect is in terms of "excess heart age."
  • AHA Advises Low-Calorie Sweeteners May Be Useful in Adults An American Heart Association advisory concludes adults may benefit from replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with low-calorie ones but warns against long-term use in children.
  • Diabetes Resource for 'Overwhelming' Numbers of Devices, Apps The Diabetes Advanced Network Access (DANA) website aims to save time for busy diabetes educators by providing a one-stop information source on the plethora of technologies and apps available.
  • Apnea Severity Not Linked With Arterial Stiffness Conventional cardiovascular risk factors, not obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) parameters, drive elevated arterial stiffness in OSA patients, according to a new individual-patient meta-analysis.


  • Measuring BP Is Simple, Right? Not so Fast   Making sure blood pressure is measured appropriately, both in the office and at home, is the first step in ensuring optimal care of the hypertensive patient.
  • 5 Dietary Tips to Share With Your Patients With the constant barrage of nutrition and diet advice, it's difficult to know what 'healthy eating' really means. Here are five simple evidence-based tips to share when counseling your patients.
  • Spironolactone Over Clonidine in Resistant HTN: Do You Agree? Dr Desai asks, would you consider spironolactone for treating patients with resistant hypertension?
  • Considering a Cardiometabolic Subspecialty Robert H. Eckel discusses the potential advantages and challenges in creating a designated cardiometabolic subspecialty. See why he thinks it is a vital idea, despite the obstacles.