Heart Failure

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  • ACC 2018 No Nitrite Exercise Boost in HF With Preserved EF: INDIE-HFpEF It's still plausible, say researchers, that other forms of inorganic nitrite or nitrate, even from sources such as beets, might show more success. And in this study, some subgroups seemed to benefit.
  • ACC 2018 His-Bundle vs RV Pacing for Bradycardia May Cut HF Event Risk The risk fell sharply for patients on His-bundle pacing, touted as an 'elegant solution' to the challenge of dyssynchrony from right ventricular pacing, treated at expert centers in a cohort study.
  • ACC 2018 Chipping Away at Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity Despite failing to hit their primary endpoints, two trials show cardioprotective benefits with two common heart drugs in patients with cancer. The question is how to get everyone on board.
  • ACC 2018 Canagliflozin May Have Most Benefit in Diabetes With HF: CANVAS Exploratory analysis of CANVAS data shows canagliflozin reduced HF hospitalization and cardiovascular death in type 2 diabetes regardless of HF status, and hints at even more benefit for those with HF.



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