Gout News

  • Allopurinol: Extra Caution Urged in High-Risk Groups The risk for severe cutaneous adverse reactions to allopurinol was much higher among those who were black, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, women, older, or receiving higher starting doses.
  • Serum Urate Strong, Imperfect Predictor of Subsequent Gout Incident gout risk was low with slightly high serum urate concentrations, rose with higher levels; even at high concentrations, less than half the patients developed clinically evident gout in 15 years.

Gout Perspective

  • The Lean Antibiotic Mantra Antibiotics -- while focusing on the right drug, the right dose, and the right duration, most important is to make the right diagnosis. Sometimes you may not even need the antibiotic.
  • Ketogenic Diet: Which Patients Benefit? Long a treatment for epilepsy, ketogenic diets are being studied for conditions ranging from cancer to diabetes.


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