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  • ISCHEMIA: Do Baseline Data Hint at Triumph for OMT?   The success of OMT and the decline of patients with severe ischemia may make it difficult for ISCHEMIA to show benefit for revascularization, predicts Mayo Clinic's Raymond Gibbons, MD.
  • Will Diabetes Be Taken by Cardiology? Not That, Too! The newest antihyperglycemic agents improve cardiovascular outcomes, so who should manage these patients? Blurring the lines of who prescribes what invites some snafus, says Richard Plotzker.
  • Newly Approved Osteoporosis Drug Is 'Promising' and 'Welcome' With the recent FDA approval of romosozumab for the treatment of osteoporosis, Dr Joy Wu discusses its risks and benefits, as well as how it fits in among the other treatment options.
  • CVD Primary Prevention Guideline Puts Patients Center Stage   Leading with lifestyle, this panel from the guideline writing committee review the key takeaways from the 2019 ACC/AHA guideline for primary prevention of CVD, which was written with patients in mind.