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  • ESOC 2018 CROMIS-2: Microbleeds on MRI May Flag Higher ICH Risk Neurologists lack good instruments to predict which stroke or TIA patients with atrial fibrillation will develop intracranial hemorrhage. New research suggests microbleeds on MRI may predict risk.
  • ESOC 2018 Thrombolysis Benefits WAKE-UP Strokes A new landmark study has shown a beneficial effect of tPA in patients who have ischemic stroke with an unknown time of onset selected by limited tissue damage on MRI.
  • HRS 2018 Strokes From Clot on Watchman LAA Closure Device: OAC Insights The risks for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke climbed whenever thrombus was seen on the implanted left atrial appendage occluder, often after oral anticoagulants were halted, in a pooled analysis.
  • HRS 2018 Did AF Ablation 'Debulking' Explain Clinical Gains in CASTLE-AF? Catheter ablation's prowess at cutting atrial fibrillation burden vs rhythm- or rate-control meds in patients with HF may have caused the observed effect on death or HF hospitalization.


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