Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer News

  • ECCO IBD Raises Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk Immunomodulators can intensify cancer risk in patients with bowel disease, despite their control of the underlying inflammation, and new information is emerging on the role of biologics.
  • USPSTF Posts Draft Recs for Treatment of Adults With Obesity Adults with obesity should be referred to multicomponent behavioral interventions for weight loss, although evidence reveals modest effects, the task for said.

Colorectal Cancer Perspective

  • Five Reasons to Avoid Going Gluten-Free Emerging evidence suggests that significant costs--physical and financial--are associated with this diet if not administered properly.
  • MABp1: 'Clever' New Antibody Targeting Colorectal Cancer   A trial using MABp1, an antibody targeting interleukin 1 alpha, showed some benefit for patients with advanced colorectal cancer, but Dr Kerr thinks the clinical endpoint used was a 'little soft.'


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