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  • Higher Soda, Sports Drinks Consumption Tied to Earlier Mortality People who consume lots of sugary sodas and sports drinks every day may be more likely to die early of causes like heart disease and cancer than people who rarely if ever indulge in these beverages, a U.S. study suggests.
  • EHRA 2019 AF Cryoablation Foregoes Vein Mapping With Good Outcomes Balloon cryoablation for AF without pulmonary vein mapping had outcomes similar to conventional cryoablation and was better than medical management in terms of hospital episodes, new data show.
  • Light Activity Lowers Cardiovascular Risk in Older Women The prospective trial, which used objectively measured movement, found that the performance of regular household tasks was associated with significant reductions in cardiovascular risk.
  • Sleep Apnea Common in Pregnant Obese Women Undiagnosed, mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is common in late pregnancy among women who are obese, U.S. researchers report.