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  • The Most Perfect Medical Device of 2018   The best medical device of the year may already be in most of our homes.
  • AAN 2018 A Computer Algorithm That Guides Stroke Care   Dr Mark Alberts discusses the benefits of using a CT profusion computer algorithm to identify patients with ischemic stroke who are candidates for thrombectomy.
  • Rethinking Hospitalist vs Specialty Care   Not enough specialists to ensure that every patient gets white glove treatment. Like it or not, hospitalists have to get used to taking care of complex patients and getting them the right follow-up.
  • Pricey Pee: Time to Regulate Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Multiple studies show that dietary supplements result in little more than expensive urine and in some cases may even cause harm. Melissa Walton-Shirley thinks it's high time they were better regulated.