Alzheimer Disease News

  • More Evidence Herpes Virus Strongly Tied to Alzheimer's New epidemiologic studies suggest a causal relationship between the herpes virus and Alzheimer's, as the involvement of the immunology system in the disease becomes a 'hot' research topic.
  • Dementia and Guns: When Should Doctors Broach the Topic? There are no scientific standards for when a health care provider should discuss gun access for people with cognitive impairment or at what point in a person with dementia becomes unfit to handle a gun.

Alzheimer Disease Perspective

  • Is Alzheimer Disease Caused by an Infection?   Infectious causes of AD are not so far-fetched and should be investigated further.
  • 5 Tough New Ethical Dilemmas for Doctors Some ethical dilemmas that physicians deal with in their practice have been around for many years, but new ones have arisen, revolving around technology and business practices.

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