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At WebMD, providing you with accurate, impartial, well-balanced health information has always been our priority. This editorial policy explains how we select and review the editorial content and tools you see on our professional Web Sites, how we distinguish advertising and sponsored content from editorial content, how financial or other influences from outside our company affect our Web Sites, and how you may contact us to ask questions or comment on our Web Sites.

About This Policy

Web Sites Covered

Reference to "WebMD" or "We" means WebMD LLC, including any company that we control (for example a subsidiary that we own). Reference to "Web Sites" means our professional Web sites, and

We have a where you can read more about our company, obtain investor information, and find out how to contact us.

This Editorial Policy applies to our Web Sites. You should read the editorial policy at each Web site that you visit after you leave any of the Web Sites. We are not responsible for how other Web sites manage editorial matters.

Editorial Policy Changes

From time to time, we may make minor changes to this Policy that will not affect its overall editorial objectives. However, if we make a change to this Policy that we believe significantly affects the way we handle editorial matters, we will clearly draw the attention of our members to such change.

Editorial Policies

WebMD is committed to providing you with balanced, accurate health information. We employ editorial professionals who are responsible for the selection, development and maintenance of the content of our Web Sites. We maintain a clear separation between independent editorial content and any advertising or other content that may be influenced by our sponsors.

Sources of Our Information

All material on our Web Sites that we present as our own is either created by us or is obtained from third party content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and found to be consistent with our editorial standards. We also engage in periodic spot-checking of certain third party content, e.g., content included in our drug reference database. Material we create is written either by our staff writers or by physicians and other healthcare professionals and health writers whom we commission, and is evaluated by our in-house editors. Sources for our original editorial content include medical journals, professional meetings, recognized experts, and government reports. In addition, we publish third party content from government agencies, medical publishers and other for-profit and not-for-profit sources of medical information.

In most cases, content we obtain from another provider has also been reviewed by such provider's own in-house staff, or subjected to review by independent authorities in the field. In some areas of our Web Sites, we make available content that has been provided by our sponsors. We design these areas to make it clear to the user that the content has not gone through our editorial process. WebMD reviews site content regularly to ensure that it remains relevant. Where necessary, content found to be incorrect or out of date is corrected, updated, moved to an archive (where it remains available), or purged. We often use editor's notes to indicate when this has occurred.

Linking to other sites

We provide third party company logos and links to third party Web sites throughout our Web Sites. The display of these logos and links is not intended to imply that we approve of or recommend these companies to our users. If WebMD is recommending a resource to our users, we clearly state that fact in connection with the logo or link. We have designed our Web Sites with the goal of making it clear to you when you are leaving one of our Web Sites and visiting a third party Web site, so that you will know that this other Web site's advertising, editorial policy, privacy policy, and terms of use apply to your use of that Web site.

Financial Information and Outside Influence

Most medical and health information/education sites on the World Wide Web, like their counterparts in print publishing, rely on advertising and sponsorship, including banner advertising. We discuss advertising later in this Policy. With respect to sponsorship or other financial relationships, we observe the following guidelines:

Professional News Staff

Our professional news team is an independent media service charged with the responsibility of providing objective, accurate, and balanced accounts of events and issues to healthcare professionals that use our Web Sites.

News content created by our professional news team is free from influence by sponsors, partners, or other sources. WebMD keeps its professional news staff separate and distinct from staff dedicated to sponsors or partners. No person will serve on both staffs, no professional news staff member will be asked to perform duties on behalf of a sponsor or provide favored treatment to a sponsor or partner.


We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this editorial policy or our Web Sites. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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Revision date: This policy was last updated on November 30, 2009.

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