Heart to Heart with Dr Michelle O'Donoghue

  • Women as One: 'The Sky's the Limit' for Women in Medicine   Roxana Mehran, MD, co-founder of Women as One, explains its mission to coach and mentor female physicians to develop leadership skills, learn negotiation tactics, and maximize their talents.
  • Apple Watch ECG: Helpful or Headache?   The new ECG feature on the Apple Watch has Michelle O'Donoghue, MD, wondering whether technology is outpacing our ability to interpret and analyze resulting data.
  • Requiem for Aspirin in Dual Antiplatelet Therapy?   Mounting evidence makes Dr Michelle O'Donoghue wonder whether the perennial question on the optimal duration of DAPT should be revised to: How soon can you drop the aspirin? Have you changed your practice?
  • Does (S)He Who Tweets Loudest Rule?   Michelle O'Donoghue, a slow adopter of social media, likes that it can provide a voice to all but worries that a vocal few dominate the conversation.
  • Plant-Based Diets as Medicine: Food for Thought   Best-selling author Caldwell Esselstyn and former ACC president Kim Williams discuss their embrace of a plant-based diet and what it will take for the medical profession to take nutrition seriously.
  • What Cardiologists Need to Know About New Diabetes Drugs   Drs O'Donoghue and McGuire discuss the data on the various SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP1 receptor agonists and when to consider prescribing them to your patients with diabetes.
  • What COMPASS and RE-DUAL Mean for Aspirin and Triple Therapy   Drs Cohen and O'Donoghue review new data from the COMPASS and RE-DUAL PCI trials and potential strategies for patients who need anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy.
  • PURE Confusion: Observational Data Can't Tell Us What to Eat   The PURE study suggests that dietary saturated fat is good and carbohydrates bad, but nutritional guidelines should be based purely on randomized data, argues Dr O'Donoghue.
  • CANTOS: Dousing the Fire Within to Reduce CVD   Dr O’Donoghue discusses preliminary results from the CANTOS trial of canakinumab, a unique anti-inflammatory agent which represents a new pathway for treating cardiovascular disease.
  • A Personal Journey to a Plant-Based Diet   A health crisis led Dr O'Donoghue to a plant-based diet. She asks why clinicians pay more respect to pills than dietary changes when poor diet affects not only heart disease but most western diseases.
  • Should Cost of Therapy Be Considered in CV Guidelines?   New cardio drugs, such as PCSK9 inhibitors and the angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor, are expensive. Dr O'Donoghue asks whether that should affect guideline recommendations.
  • 'One Brave Idea' Recipient on Predicting Who Will Develop CAD   Dr Calum MacRae, winner of the $75M One Brave Idea grant, explains to Dr O'Donoghue how he hopes to characterize biological differences between those who develop CAD and those who don't.
  • Two Years After DAPT Trial, We're Still Debating   Dr Michelle O'Donoghue asks for your opinion on the use of dual antiplatelet therapy beyond 1 year after stenting.
  • When Not in Rome: Is It OK to Skip Scientific Conferences?   As various outlets, such as theheart.org | Medscape, cover new research presented at meetings, are you still motivated to show up in person?
  • Cardiologists Need to Pay Attention to Diabetes Meds   Data from EMPA-REG and LEADER suggest that type 2 diabetes drugs can positively affect cardiovascular health. Cardiologists should pay attention, says Dr Michelle O'Donoghue.
  • Are All Relationships With Industry Inherently Bad?   Is the growing backlash that physicians and trialists face in their relationships with industry warranted in all cases?
  • Off-Label Marketing: Who Should Decide What's Truthful?   Dr Michelle O'Donoghue asks you to weigh in on a recent court case that could inform how Big Pharma markets drugs.
  • Do We Need a Title IX for Clinical Trials?   Women are still underrepresented in cardiovascular trials. Will we be able to adequately power such trials to address safety and efficacy in women and other underrepresented groups?
  • What Influences Your Therapeutic Choices?   Regional variation in therapeutic decision-making and clinical practice prompts Dr O'Donoghue to question what affects her choices.
  • EMPA-REG, PCSK9s, and the Future of Clinical Trials   Dr Michelle O'Donoghue interviews Dr Marc Sabatine about the EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial from AHA, the latest on PSCK9 inhibitors, and how clinical trials will be conducted in the future.