Weekend Call

  • Managing Money in a Physician's Marriage Having differing financial viewpoints can create major stress in a marriage. To avoid a problem, communicate and collaborate when managing your money.
  • The Loneliness of Being a Physician Despite seeing patients, families, and colleagues for hours daily, a physician's job can be lonely. One doctor talks about what's needed to overcome this.
  • Should Doctors Decide When a Patient Is Too Old to Drive? Americans are living longer, but physical changes make it difficult for some seniors to drive safely. Should doctors decide when a patient should no longer drive? Are there alternatives for seniors?
  • Should You Give Your Staff Bonuses? How Much? Some staff members have come to expect an annual Christmas bonus, but one physician says you shouldn't give bonuses out of guilt. Instead, use them to show appreciation and improve motivation.
  • Firearms in America: No Easy Answers Many people feel negatively toward gun owners, especially after a mass shooting. But one physician says that understanding different attitudes about firearms could promote firearm safety in the home.
  • What Do You Owe Patients When You Move On? If you're moving to another practice, retiring, or can't work anymore due to health reasons, you're responsible for notifying your patients and ensuring continuity of care. Our columnist has some tips.
  • What We Can Do Together to Fight Sexual Harassment Medscape's new survey of 6200 clinicians makes it clear that sexual misconduct remains prevalent in healthcare settings. Our columnist, who lectures on the subject, offers his perspective.
  • It's Not Easy Being Green--Or Is It? You don't have to install solar panels on your office's roof to save money and respect the environment, this doctor says. Here's how to reduce your carbon footprint and trim your energy bills.
  • A Doctor Tells: How to Save More of Your Money Putting your family on a spending 'diet' and adopting a more frugal approach can provide you with financial freedom down the road. But it takes discipline today to reap those benefits tomorrow.
  • Should More Doctors Ride Their Bikes to Work? Don't knock it until you try it, this internist says. You'll save money and feel better, too. But there are several precautions to take -- and cautions to heed -- before pedaling to the office.
  • Working Less Can Make You More Productive You'll get more done in a day if you ease up on trying to manage your time and focus on managing your energy, a physician argues. He offers tips on how to do it.
  • What to Do When Patients Don't Heed Your Advice More patients are ignoring physicians' advice and turning to the Internet for answers. What can physicians do to combat these actions?
  • OIG Regulations for Home Visits Bring Challenges for Doctors House calls provide patient information that may not be gleaned from office visits. But doctors should know how to meet the Office of Inspector General's new regulations for home visit claims.
  • New Prescribing Regulations Bring Challenges for Doctors Prescribing controlled substances has become more regulated. But stymied patients may not always abide by the new laws, thereby putting practices in jeopardy. Should doctors dismiss these patients?
  • A Cure for the Documentation Blues This physician says that listening to certain types of music can help him plow through staggering amounts of documentation. What kind of music? The answer will probably surprise you.
  • Zap! Power Outage at Your Office -- How to Prepare Violent weather can knock out power and put your data at risk. Develop a contingency plan now so that your information is protected and patients can continued to be properly cared for.
  • Trump's Election: What Now for Healthcare? With the change of political regime, it's possible that many things will change in our healthcare system. What might happen?
  • Has Stress Burned You Out? Pressure and commitments have always been part of being a doctor. But stress levels seem to have increased in recent years. Is it time for a change? Here are 12 questions that can help you decide.
  • Lab Coats With Bullseyes on Them? Protecting Yourself Against Violence Angry, aggressive patients have always been a concern for physicians. But with the proliferation of controlled substances and mental health issues, the threat of violence has escalated dramatically.
  • Why Is Our Healthcare System Crazy? Monty Python Knows The process of providing care for patients in America can often resemble the best skits from a popular British comedy series. Will the upcoming elections in the United States lighten or darken the mood?


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