Heartfelt with Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley

  • Did Grey's Anatomy Get It Right for Women With Heart Disease? An episode of the hospital drama featured a female surgeon having a heart attack but meeting disbelief (including her own) along the way. TV critic and cardiologist Dr Walton-Shirley gives her review.
  • CVS-Aetna Deal Turns Up the Heat on Physicians The proposed merger of CVS and Aetna exemplifies the devolution of medicine to a business rather than a caring profession, warns Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley.
  • Strategies for Managing Frequent-Flier Patients From the worried well to the at-risk but noncompliant patient, Dr Walton-Shirley reviews the frequent fliers that she has encountered in her many years of practice.
  • AHA HOPE-Duchenne and Help at Last The final day of AHA 2017 brought Dr Walton Shirley to tears with studies offering hope to ease the suffering she has witnessed firsthand.
  • AHA Gastric Bypass for the Less Obese? Dr Walton-Shirley is reluctant to send obese patients for gastric bypass surgery, but concedes that the GATEWAY study findings are impressive.
  • AHA Trials We Did, Trials We Should Do Dr Walton-Shirley reflects on some major studies presented at AHA 2017 and offers a further way to approach each one.
  • AHA Mentoring and Paying It Forward for Women in Cardiology Almost 10 years ago, a high school student asked to shadow Dr Walton Shirley. Now Katrina Bidwell is presenting at the American Heart Association and about to start her cardiology fellowship.
  • Advice to My Younger Self From a Seasoned Cardiologist A visit from a premed student leads this cardiologist to reflect on the wisdom gained from 26 years in private practice. What tricks of the trade would she impart to the young Dr Walton-Shirley?
  • ESC Women and Heart Disease: A Different Animal Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley recounts a presentation by Dr Noel Bairey Merz on clinics dedicated to women and MI without obstructive coronary artery disease, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  • ESC How One Morning at ESC 2017 Might Change Your Practice Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley highlights some standout results and some that she felt were less than illuminating on the first few days of ESC 2017.
  • ESC ESC 2017: No Tinc Por (I'm Not Afraid) Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley visits the memorial to terrorist victims in Barcelona and reflects on the changes in the world.
  • When the Physician Suicide Is Your Friend The undeleted texts from a physician friend lost to suicide haunt Dr Walton-Shirley, a reminder of the signs she missed. What can we do to better support medical colleagues struggling with mental-health issues?
  • For John Mellencamp and Other Smokers A magazine article on the aging rock star and heart-attack survivor who penned "Jack & Diane" reminds Dr Walton-Shirley why she is passionate about smoking cessation.
  • The Missing Link in Healthcare Policy: Constructive Conversation Whether the Affordable Care Act or the American Healthcare Act prevails, Dr Walton-Shirley dreams of a productive conversation among a committee of legislators and healthcare professional who make healthcare policy.
  • The Cardiac Consult That Wasn't Dr Walton-Shirley bemoans the lack of information given to busy physicians asked to come in from home for a consult.
  • ACC Harnessing Nature to Prevent CVD: Practice Takeaways, Part 2 Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley continues her sum-up of a session dedicated to genetics and cardiovascular disease.
  • ACC #ACC17 Best Meeting in Years: Here's Why Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley summarizes what was great about the ACC meeting this year, including some high points in presentations.
  • ACC Harnessing Nature to Prevent CVD: Practice Takeaways, Part 1 Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley provides a precis of talks given on a session dedicated to genetics and cardiovascular disease.
  • ACC What I'll Tell My Patients About FOURIER, SPIRE, and SURTAVI Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley recaps the three late-breakers from day 1 at ACC in patient-friendly language.
  • The Olive Oil Diet: A Book Review No, you can't douse your hot-fudge sundae with olive oil and expect great results, warns Dr Walton-Shirley, but she finds useful tips on healthy eating in this book by British GP Dr Simon Poole.


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