Medical Practice Management Perspective

  • Should You Opt Out of Medicare? Pros and Cons Many physicians are fed up with Medicare's rules, reimbursement, and reporting requirements. But before letting your patient panel go, consider the possible benefits and risks.
  • Concierge Practice: Could the New Models Be Right for You? Many physicians who are frustrated with the demands of medicine have considered concierge medicine, but may not have made the move. With new models emerging, some doctors may change their minds.
  • 7 Ways Physicians Can Save Money Using the Patient Portal Patient portals offer many benefits, but many physicians are still unenthusiastic about them. Are they worthwhile for you? If you already have a patient portal, how can you make it more useful?
  • How Much Should Clinicians Be Paid for Being On Call? Use these questions to decide how much you should be compensated for on-call hours.
  • Ready to Start Your Own Practice?   Needing a practice change but don't know where to start? Dr Julie Gunther has been there and offers her advice.
  • Your Legal Risks When Patients Don't Speak English Well When patients don't speak English well -- or at all -- the physician should get a translator, or incur clinical and legal risks. Here's how to comply most efficiently.
  • It's Not Easy Being Green--Or Is It? You don't have to install solar panels on your office's roof to save money and respect the environment, this doctor says. Here's how to reduce your carbon footprint and trim your energy bills.
  • The Challenges Hospitals Face This chapter describes the types of oversights that hospitals are subject to, and the financial pressures and challenges that hospitals deal with.
  • Why Do Some Docs Rake in More Cash Than Others? From business know-how to choosing high-paying cases, Medscape physicians have thoughts on why some make more money than others.
  • Contract Negotiation: Tips for the New Physician   In this short video, Dr Lee Mills gives practical information on contract negotiation.
  • Private Practice--Down but Far From Out While the percentage of doctors in private practice is declining, some employed doctors, seeking deeper fulfillment, are striking out on their own. The odds of success are tough--but not impossible.
  • How Much Is Your Practice Worth? Many doctors who have a financial stake in a practice don't know what the practice is worth. That's a mistake, say experts in practice valuation. Here's why, and what a practice valuation involves.
  • What Makes a Medical Practice Profitable? MGMA released key research at its annual conference on what creates a leading and profitable medical practice.
  • How to Solve Your Medical Practice's Toughest Challenges A practice management expert gives advice on how physicians can handle the practice management challenges they face, including EHR use, time management, and falling behind on their daily schedule.
  • Are We Really on the Path to Improve the ACA? As Congress comes up on voting for another effort to repeal the ACA, a physician asks what it will take for America to finally create a reasonable and effective healthcare system.
  • The War Over MOC Heats Up In at least 17 states, doctors are battling the American Board of Medical Specialties, hospitals, and insurers in an effort to make maintenance of certification optional. Here's how it's going.
  • Five Ways Physicians Can Make Their Practice Successful How much do you know about strategic planning to make your practice successful? Take this short quiz and find out.
  • Should Patients Get a Money-Back Guarantee? It's been suggested that health clinics offer rebates to patients who are unhappy with care and amenities, such as office wait times and unappetizing meals. That suggestion infuriates physicians.
  • Are You Leaving Tax Money on the Table? Are you still working on your tax returns? Here are some important ways to get all of the deductions you deserve.
  • What Technology Changes Will Affect Your Practice Soon? Remote patient monitoring; predictive analytics; blockchain; virtual reality. Many new technologies are here--or coming--some more important than others to doctors. Here's a guide to which is which.
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