Healthcare Reform and the ACA Perspective

  • Medical Students Tackle Vaccination Reform   Students from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School recently submitted a policy proposal to their state legislature for vaccine reform. As part of their advocacy, they are speaking out on the importance of this issue.
  • Congress to Help Medicare Patients Obtain Diabetes Supplies A cost-cutting strategy adopted several years ago, called the competitive bidding program, caused access issues for many patients with diabetes; Congress is now trying to remedy the problem.
  • Thinking of Running for Political Office? Know what a political campaign involves and ask yourself, 'Am I ready for this?'
  • Concierge Practice: Could the New Models Be Right for You? Many physicians who are frustrated with the demands of medicine have considered concierge medicine, but may not have made the move. With new models emerging, some doctors may change their minds.
  • Hype, Fear of Failure Driving Immunotherapy 'Hail Mary' Treatments   John Marshall speaks with Leonard Saltz and Tanios Bekaii-Saab about the destructive trend of trying experimental drugs before having the data, and the new 'right to try' law.
  • How the New Generation of Doctors Will Approach Gun Violence Although few programs exist to prepare future physicians for prevention, treatment, and advocacy around gun violence, some medical trainees see recent shootings as a tipping point for change.
  • The Time for Paid Family Medical Leave Is Now   Despite its seeming prosperity, many quality measures find the United States lagging behind. It's time to fix family leave, says Dr Lundberg.
  • AMA 2018 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from AMA 2018.
  • Should Our Healthcare System Move to Single-Payer?   Physicians in favor of a single-payer system say it would reduce healthcare costs. Those opposed argue that it would lower physician reimbursement and create greater problems. Who's right?
  • Isolation and Burnout in Physician Culture: Innovative Solutions For almost 20 years, Dr Tait Shanafelt has studied the causes and effects of physician burnout. In this interview, he provides his insight on this serious issue.
  • Keeping Kids Safe From Gun Injury Is a Universal Goal   We all want to keep our children safe, says Colleen Kraft, president of the AAP. Pediatricians can take the lead.
  • Incentivizing Cardiologists to Do the Right Thing   Drs Harrington and Joynt Maddox discuss the move from volume-based to performance-based payment models and how to develop evidence-based quality metrics that make clinical sense.
  • Nuclear War: Can Physicians Do Anything to Prevent It? Even a limited nuclear war will kill millions and spark a global famine. The broader medical community can't remain silent on these dangers.
  • Paid Leave: Good for Health, Good for Business The evidence finds that generous parental, medical, and family leave policies are economically feasible and beneficial. So why does the United States fail to ensure paid leave for all of its workers?
  • What Gunshots Do to Bodies: Docs Speak Out   The gunshot victim who became a trauma surgeon, the radiologist author of the Atlantic article on the AR-15, and a surgeon who treats gunshot violence victims join Dr Glatter in this panel discussion.
  • Are Pharmacists Your Competitors or Your Collaborators? As physicians struggle to keep up with demand for their services, pharmacists are picking up some of that business. Many physicians are comfortable with this, but others feel differently.
  • '100,000 Genomes' Project: Linking Genome Sequencing to Outcomes   Dr David Kerr shares thoughts on the 100,000 Genomes project linking whole genome sequencing to outcomes and the skepticism among some colleagues about the benefits of so-called actionable mutations.
  • Should Everyone Carry Narcan®? Let's Think This Through The US Surgeon General has recommended that more Americans carry the overdose antidote naloxone. Is this a good idea? Voice your opinion.
  • Physicians Must Speak Out for Gun Control 'If we do not actively pursue solutions to this societal malady, we will seem to condone it.'
  • IM 2018 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from ACP 2018.
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