Diabetes & Endocrinology Perspective

  • The Real Scoop on the Latest Low-Carb Diet Study   A major diet study grabbed headlines and made the rounds on morning TV shows, but few interpreted it correctly, reports Perry Wilson.
  • Medical Treatment of Fibroids With Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Dr Peter Kovacs comments on a review that offers insights into the indications and mechanism of action of ulipristal acetate.
  • ACC/AHA 2018 Cholesterol Guideline: The New and the Old   Drs Michael Blaha and Salim Virani review key takeaways from the 2018 ACC/AHA updated cholesterol guideline, noting that much is new in management of patients with elevated lipids.
  • CV Risk Assessment: A Process, Not a Calculation   Tips on how to estimate, personalize, and reclassify patient risk in light of the new cholesterol guidelines. Dr Blaha walks through a typical patient case with guideline writer Dr Lloyd-Jones
  • AHA 2018What's Needed After AHA 2018? ACTION A sparsely attended session on social determinants of health sounded very familiar to Melissa Walton-Shirley, MD. So if we know what to do to improve CV health, why haven’t we done it yet?
  • When Art Talks: Expressions of Clinician Well-Being Medscape presents some of the most evocative visual artworks, created by clinicians, students, patients, and loved ones, from the Expressions of Clinician Well-Being art exhibition.
  • VITAL Results for Vitamin D and Omega-3s   The largest prospective randomized trial of vitamin D and omega-3 supplementation provides much-needed information.
  • CV Risk: Can Prescription Omega-3 REDUCE-IT?   Low-dose omega-3 flopped for CV risk reduction. Melissa Walton-Shirley, MD, dissects the REDUCE-IT trial from AHA, which used high-dose prescription EPA, with principal investigator, Deepak Bhatt, MD.
  • Eating in the Raw: Are Raw Food Devotees Right or at Risk? The centuries-old raw food movement is experiencing a resurgence. Is this diet ancient wisdom or modern folly?
  • For the Good of Your Patients, Use SGLT2 Inhibitors   Don't let mixed messages about SGLT2 inhibitors and reports of adverse effects deter you from prescribing these drugs, says Per-Henrik Groop.
  • Surviving the Holidays With Diabetes Celebrating the holidays doesn't have to be a choice between losing glycemic control or missing out on the fun. Dr Akshay Jain provides some tips to help guide discussions on safe holiday eating.
  • AHA 2018Nothing Fishy: Triglyceride Lowering With High-Dose EPA   How do the findings from the REDUCE-IT trial square with prior data on triglycerides and CVD? Prof Armitage sees a pattern.
  • AHA 2018Lipid Lollapalooza at AHA 2018 The release of the 2018 cholesterol guidelines and a bunch of lipid-oriented trials made it a bountiful day at the American Heart Association meeting for Melissa Walton-Shirley, MD.
  • AHA 2018Pure Fish Oil Lowers CVD Risk Even If We Don’t Understand How REDUCE-IT found that high-dose purified omega-3 fish oil reduced CV events even if the drug didn’t work as expected. Evidence-based practice means we should embrace these results, says John Mandrola, MD.
  • Don't Be so Cavalier About That Non-Hip Fracture Are some fractures a reflection of underlying disease? Dr Plotzker says clinicians should be aware of the medical risks of more distal, non-hip fractures in older patients.
  • Obscure Medical Terms: How Well Do You 'Speak Medicine'? How well do you identifying the most obscure of medical terminology? Test yourself on the meanings of these little-used terms.
  • What Cardiologists Should Know About Obesity   Cardiologist Seth Baum interviews obesity experts Drs Kahan and Apovian, who dispel the myth of the 'obesity paradox' and the 'metabolically healthy obese,' and any fears about treating this disease.
  • OBESITY WEEK 2018 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from Obesity Week 2018
  • Mediterranean Diet's Benefits May Extend to Multiple Diseases Dr William F. Balistreri on the latest evidence showing how we can eat our way toward improved health.
  • Put the Focus on Dinner for Blood Sugar Control   What do you do for patients in whom multiple combinations of oral antihyperglycemics are failing to control blood sugar levels? Dr Cyrus Desouza says to focus on the largest meal of the day.