Autism News

  • What's Hot at AAN 2018? 'Interaction and innovation' is the theme of this year's AAN Annual Meeting, says the vice chair of the meeting's science committee, who hints of other hot topics to be presented.
  • PCPs Feel Ill-Equipped to Assess Irritability in Children Pediatric primary care providers were less confident than child and adolescent psychiatrists in their ability to evaluate the mental health status of young patients with irritability, a study found.
  • Smartglasses Help Patients With Comorbid Autism, ADHD Novel wearable computer technology helps patients with co-occurring autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) improve their focus and attention.
  • Prenatal Micronutrients May Cut Mental Illness Risk in Children Prenatal supplementation with micronutrients should be further considered as a first step in decreasing risk for future psychiatric illnesses in newborns, the authors of a systematic review conclude.
  • Prenatal Valproate Exposure Linked to Lower School Performance Children whose mothers took valproate or multiple antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy do worse on compulsory school tests at age 7 years compared with unexposed offspring.
  • U.S. Faces Shortage of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Specialists A shortage of clinicians specializing in pediatric behavioral and developmental disorders is translating into long wait times for new patient appointments amid surging demand, a new study suggests.
  • Fetal Alcohol Disorder Rates Far Higher Than Earlier Estimates An NIAAA-funded study of more than 6600 first-graders estimates the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders at 11 to 50 per 1000 children, which is much greater than previous estimates.
  • Fetal Alcohol Disorders Much More Common Than Prior Estimates Even with conservative methods, the rate of fetal alcohol disorders in the United States may be fivefold previous estimates, researchers reported.
  • Autism Tied to Suicidal Behavior in Teens, Young Adults Adolescents and young adults with autism face have more psychiatric comorbidities than their nonautistic counterparts. New research shows they are also at higher risk for suicide attempts.
  • Arm Movement Abnormalities May Aid Autism Diagnosis Sophisticated electromagnetic sensors may detect almost imperceptible differences in the arm movements in children with autism. The technology may provide objective aid in diagnosing the disorder.
  • Prenatal Vitamins and Folic Acid Linked to Lower Autism Risk Women who take folic acid and multivitamins before and during pregnancy may be less likely to have children with autism than mothers who don’t use these supplements, an Israeli study suggests.
  • Vitamins in Pregnancy May Lower Autism Risk Children of mothers who took folic acid or multivitamins before or during pregnancy were at lower risk for autism spectrum disorder, researchers say, but more research is needed.
  • Autism Prevalence in US Stable in Recent Years Rates of autism spectrum disorder held steady at around 2.4% among US children from 2014 to 2016, with no statistically significant increase during the 3 years, new data suggest.
  • Folic Acid in Pregnant Women on AEDs and Lower Autism Risk Antiepileptic drugs reduce folic acid in pregnant women and are associated with increased autistic traits. A new study suggests that folic acid during pregnancy may mitigate autism risk in offspring.
  • Autism Therapy: Social Behavior Restored via Brain Stimulation It may be feasible to treat behavioral symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder with neuromodulation, new research suggests.
  • Uptick in Prevalence of Developmental Disability in US Kids The increase stems largely from an increase in the prevalence of diagnosed developmental delay other than autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability, with no marked change in diagnosed ASD.
  • Birth Interval Linked to Autism Risk A cohort analysis found that a short or long interval between births was tied to an increased risk for autism spectrum disorder, but was not associated with risk for other developmental disorders.
  • ACGSurprising Number of Conditions Linked to Celiac Disease There are 'striking' associations between celiac disease and other medical conditions, according to a large database study that suggests patients with unusual symptoms be screened.
  • The Battle for Minds: Britain Expands Project on Mental Health in Terrorism A project looking at links between mental health and terrorism in three English cities has been expanded nationwide after it found a significant number of people referred to counter-radicalization programs suffer some form of mental illness.
  • Family Members of ALS Patients: Higher Risk of Mental Illness Family members of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are at increased risk for developing neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, new research from Ireland suggests.

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