Family Medicine Cases & Quizzes

  • Case Challenge: The Many Variations of Snoring Snoring is common and potentially miserable for the patient and loved ones. These four cases illustrate the latest guidelines on evaluation and management.
  • Are you familiar with key components of presentation, workup, and treatment associated with various causes of dementia? Test your knowledge of this increasingly common condition with our quick quiz.
  • Although otitis externa rarely causes serious complications, the infection is responsible for acute morbidity. Prompt diagnosis and therapy cures most cases. Test yourself with our quick quiz.
  • Annually, otitis media is responsible for nearly 20 million office visits. Do you know how best to approach this incredibly common condition? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.
  • Deteriorating Cognition 5 Weeks After a Heroin Overdose: A Case A 32-year-old woman with a history of opioid abuse presents with increasing confusion after a recent overdose. Can you diagnose her?
  • A Visual Field Defect in a Patient With History of Seizures A 64-year-old woman comes to you after 2 weeks of symptoms. Between visual testing and MRI, can you offer her a diagnosis?
  • Providing patients with accurate information about the impact of chocolate on their health requires the latest evidence. Test your knowledge of chocolate-associated health issues with this quick quiz.
  • A 33-year-old man is brought to the ED with altered mental status. The patient has a very high temp and has admitted to using cocaine. What is the potentially life-threatening finding on the ECG?
  • A 2-Year-Old Girl With an Abdomen Mass: USMLE Question A 2-year-old girl is brought to a pediatric outpatient clinic due to a mass in her upper abdomen. What's the diagnosis?
  • Time Out! A Close Look at Antibiotic Use in LTC Clinical cases illustrate the overuse of antibiotics to treat radiographic findings and lab reports, especially when prescribing over the phone.
  • The Telltale Tall R Waves A routine ECG in the neurologist's office prompts an urgent cardiology consultation.
  • Prevention of Stroke in Obese Patients With Nonvalvular AF Which anticoagulant is most appropriate for stroke prevention in a patient with comorbid obesity and AF? Take this quiz created by experts at ACC to find out.
  • Diabetes Care in Older Adults With CVD: Patient Case Quiz Can you manage diabetes in older patients with co-existing CVD effectively? Test yourself with this patient case quiz created by experts from ACC.
  • A Case of Cardiovascular Collapse: USMLE Question A 72-year-old woman is rushed to intensive care after suddenly developing cardiovascular collapse. She is unable to be resuscitated. What's the most likely cause of death?
  • Worldwide, more than 200,000 women are estimated to develop ovarian cancer, and about 100,000 die of the disease every year. Do you know key components of presentation, workup, and treatment?
  • Pancreatic cancer frequently presents with metastatic disease at diagnosis. Can you recognize metastatic pancreatic cancer? Test yourself with this quick quiz.
  • With more combinations of drugs possible than ever before, avoiding preventable drug interactions is crucial. See whether you can recognize potentially dangerous combinations with this short quiz.
  • Although many people associate allergies with spring and summer, allergic symptoms are extremely common in the fall as well. Test your knowledge on causes, workup, and treatment with our short quiz.
  • A 45-year-old woman is presented to the emergency department as priority 1 unresponsive. Her boyfriend found her foaming at the mouth and unresponsive. What's the cause?
  • Generalized anxiety disorder is associated with persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry not focused on a specific object or situation. Do you know key information needed to provide the best care?

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