Ophthalmology Cases & Quizzes

  • A 1-Week-Old Baby With Bilateral Cataracts With decreased red reflex and a family history of cataracts, this newborn is in need of a diagnosis. Can you provide it?
  • Can you recognize presenting exam findings, diagnostic features, and treatment options for this disorder? Test your knowledge with this short quiz.
  • A 76-year-old man with a past medical history of multiple cutaneous basal cell carcinomas presents with a lesion on his right lateral lower eyelid.
  • Are you familiar with key aspects of Bell palsy, including best practices for diagnosis and treatment? Refresh and test your knowledge with this short quiz.
  • From supplementation use to conditions associated with deficiencies, are you familiar with key aspects and best practices associated with vitamins? Test your knowledge with this short quiz.
  • A 2-year-old boy presents with fever and malaise that started 4 days earlier. What's the diagnosis?
  • Skin cancer incidence has continued to increase in recent years. Are you prepared to confront patients with various types of skin cancer? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.
  • Diplopia and Upper Eyelid Ptosis in a 74-Year-Old Man A 74-year-old man presents with variable diplopia and ptosis of the left upper eyelid. What is the most likely diagnosis?
  • A 42-year-old woman with a chronic productive cough is repeatedly treated for pneumonia. At her latest follow-up, she reports intermittent dyspnea and fatigue. What's the diagnosis?
  • A Girl Whose Eyes Appear White in Photos Photographs of this 6-year-old girl show 'white eyes' that concern her parents. What is your diagnosis?
  • Does a Patient's Blurry Vision Signal a Serious Condition? Can you order the right diagnostic tests to determine what's causing the woman's optic neuritis?
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune-mediated inflammatory disease that produces physical disability in more than 30% of patients. How much do you know about MS? Test yourself with our quick quiz.
  • The Baby With a Swollen Eyelid An 8-month-old girl's eye swelling appears to be getting worse when she presents at your clinic. Can you diagnose the problem?
  • A Visual Field Defect in a Patient With History of Seizures A 64-year-old woman comes to you after 2 weeks of symptoms. Between visual testing and MRI, can you offer her a diagnosis?
  • A 2-Year-Old Girl With an Abdomen Mass: USMLE Question A 2-year-old girl is brought to a pediatric outpatient clinic due to a mass in her upper abdomen. What's the diagnosis?
  • Although many people associate allergies with spring and summer, allergic symptoms are extremely common in the fall as well. Test your knowledge on causes, workup, and treatment with our short quiz.
  • A 5-Year-Old Boy's Failing Vision A boy comes to your clinic with myopia in the right eye. Can you determine the cause?
  • A 6-Year-Old Boy With Bone Swelling: USMLE Question A 6-year-old boy presents with fever, lethargy, weight loss, and painful bone swelling. Which pathology is most likely the cause of his presentation?
  • The Woman With Multiple Sclerosis and Blurry Vision Why is this 65-year-old patient with relapsing-remitting MS having decreased vision in her right eye?
  • Myasthenia gravis is a relatively rare autoimmune disorder that can result in weakness that leads to neuromuscular respiratory failure. Test yourself on key aspects with our short quiz.