Gastroenterology Cases & Quizzes

  • The parents of a 5-month-old boy rush him to the emergency department because of severe abdominal distention. Can you make the diagnosis?
  • Cholelithiasis (gallstone disease) may result in significant pain. Do you know key aspects involving the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment? Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz.
  • Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that may present in a myriad of ways. Do you know important attributes of presentation, diagnosis, and treatment? Test yourself with this quick quiz.
  • Changing the World, One Female Physician at a Time Do you recognize these women physician pioneers?
  • ECG Challenge: No Ma'am, It's Not Indigestion A woman presents to the emergency department with chest pain and a fast heart rate. Can you identify the cause?
  • A 53-year-old man with multiple myeloma presents with a 1-week history of melena, hematemesis, and lethargy. An esophagogastroduodenoscopy is performed. What is the cause of the abnormalities seen?
  • A 34-year-old woman has a 4-year history of psychotic behavior and neurocognitive decline. She has also demonstrated progressive motor regression and loss of speech. What's the diagnosis?
  • A 19-year-old man presents with chief symptoms of morbid obesity and oozing skin ulcers. Can you identify the cause of his obesity and related conditions?
  • A 36-year-old woman with a medical history that includes hypertension and Hashimoto thyroiditis presents owing to recurrent diarrhea and 'foggy brain.' Are you able to make the diagnosis?
  • A 48-year-old man with known cirrhosis develops increasing abdominal distention and dull pain. He also begins to experience altered mental status. What is the underlying cause of his condition?
  • Although much remains under investigation about probiotics, are you aware of their current uses, from common gastrointestinal disorders to other conditions? Test your knowledge with our short quiz.
  • A 22-year-old man with no significant medical history is transferred from the airport in a semiconscious state after returning from a 3-week vacation. What's the diagnosis?
  • This short quiz highlights a small selection of recent outbreaks that made the news, and is intended to refresh and challenge knowledge regarding key aspects of related conditions.
  • Iron deficiency anemia occurs when stores of iron are too low to support normal red blood cell production. Are you familiar with this condition? Test your knowledge with our quick quiz.
  • From the management of diabetic and prediabetic patients to concerns about patients in a rehabilitation setting, test your knowledge of key aspects of nutritional management with this quick quiz.
  • A 17-year-old girl presents with a history of oral fungal infections, diarrhea, recurrent abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, darkening of the skin and oral cavity, and fever. What is the diagnosis?
  • The incidence of anal cancer has increased by approximately 2.2% per year over the past decade. Test yourself on presentation, workup practices, and treatment approaches with our short quiz.
  • A 61-year-old woman with a history of stage III breast cancer 7 years prior presents to a primary care clinic with painful constipation. Do you know how best to help her?
  • A 76-year-old woman presents to the ED with diffuse, constant, acute-onset intense abdominal pain. She feels nauseous and has had 2 liquid bowel movements. What is the diagnosis?
  • A 68-year-old man presents with severe pain and swelling in his left foot. He also describes vague, mild epigastric pain. Can you make the diagnosis?


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