Trump and Healthcare News

  • Trump Administration Cuts Grants to Help People Get Obamacare The Trump administration is cutting most of the funds previously provided to groups that help people get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and will push them to promote plans lacking the law's benefits and protections, a government agency said on Tuesday.
  • Medicare Proposes Major Physician Pay Changes CMS proposes a way to pay physicians for checking on images sent by patients and virtual follow-up visits and other changes intended to use technology to expand access to care.
  • American Medical Organizations Denounce US Breastfeeding Stance Leading medical organizations representing public health physicians, pediatricians, family physicians, obstetricians, and gynecologists have criticized US government tactics at a UN health assembly earlier this year.
  • Trump Slams Pfizer After July 1 Drug Price Hikes U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday took aim at Pfizer Inc and other U.S. drugmakers after they raised prices on some of their medicines on July 1, saying his administration would act in response.
  • Insurers Warn of Rising Premiums After Trump Axes Obamacare Payments Again Health insurers warned that a move by the Trump administration on Saturday to temporarily suspend a program that was set to pay out $10.4 billion to insurers for covering high-risk individuals last year could drive up premium costs and create marketplace uncertainty.
  • Impact of Toxic Stress on Migrant Children Devastating, Enduring As the government scrambles to meet today's court-ordered deadline to reunite the youngest migrant children with their families, scientists continue to underscore the lasting impact of toxic stress.
  • Trump's Supreme Court Pick Reignites Debate on Abortion The president's choice of federal judge Brett Kavanaugh has sparked media campaigns both from groups that support and those that oppose keeping abortion legal.
  • Trump Administration Names New U.S. Drug Enforcement Chief The Trump administration on Monday named a top White House lawyer as the new head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration after the agency's prior acting administrator announced his retirement last month.
  • Former US Envoys to UN Urge Pompeo to Restore Relief Agency Funding Seven former U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations under both Republican and Democratic presidents urged U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday to restore U.S. funding for the U.N. agency that helps Palestinian refugees.
  • Immigrant Toddlers Ordered to Appear in Court Alone Children separated from their parents at the border are being ordered to appear for their own deportation proceedings, attorneys say.
  • FDA Repays Industry by Rushing Risky Drugs to Market As pharma companies underwrite three-fourths of the FDA’s budget for scientific reviews, the agency is increasingly fast-tracking expensive drugs with significant side effects and unproven health benefits.
  • Court's Travel Ban Ups Rigors, Reluctance for Foreign Clinicians Two hundred medical organizations say the Trump administration's action could have a 'chilling effect' well beyond the handful or so of countries directly affected by his immigration policies.
  • Congress May Soon Make CBD From Hemp Legal Legislation that includes a measure to legalize hemp, rich in the compound used to produce numerous CBD oil products, made significant progress last week.
  • Schumer Urges U.S. Senate to Reject Supreme Court Nominee Who Opposes Roe V. Wade U.S. Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said on Wednesday the Senate should reject any Supreme Court nominee put forth by President Donald Trump who would vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion decision or "undermine" healthcare protections.
  • Notre Dame Students Sue School, White House Over Birth Control Policy Students at the University of Notre Dame on Tuesday sued the Indiana school and the Trump administration over a move this year to drop coverage for some forms of birth control from the university's health insurance plan, citing religious objections.
  • Poll: Health Effects of Children Separated From Their Parents Although an executive order has ended the practice, the negative health effects of children separated from their parents at the border may be long-lasting.
  • U.S. Top Court Blocks California Law on Anti-Abortion Centers The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a California law requiring clinics that counsel women against abortion to notify clients of the availability of abortions paid for by the state, finding that it violated the free speech rights of these Christian-based facilities.
  • 'Are You the Mother?' A Woman's Search for Baby Taken by U.S. Immigration It took 85 days for Olivia Caceres to retrieve her baby boy, pulled from his father's arms at the U.S. border, a traumatic experience many more parents face to reunite with children separated under President Donald Trump's immigration policies.
  • U.N. Calls on U.S. to Find Alternatives to Detaining Child Migrants The U.N. human rights office called on the Trump administration on Friday to overhaul its migration polices and find alternatives to detention, saying children should never be held in custody, even with their parents.
  • Trump Government Reorg Proposes Overhaul of FDA, NIH The plan also aims to bring nutrition assistance programs under the aegis of a new health and public welfare department, formerly Health and Human Services.
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