Medical Students Ask The Experts

  • How Can I Get a Good Letter of Recommendation? You're working on your residency application and need letters of recommendation. Who's your best bet and how should you ask?
  • How Should I Talk to Terminally Ill Patients? Discussing a patient's terminal illness and prognosis should not differ that much from other patient interactions.
  • What if Chart History and Verbal History Don't Match? Learn how to document inconsistencies in medical histories.
  • How Can Stimulant Abuse by College Students Be Deterred? Reports have emerged that some college students are using stimulants to improve academic performance. How can this misuse and abuse be discouraged?
  • Can I Get 8 Hours of Sleep? With careful planning, you might be able to get 8 hours of sleep on most nights.
  • How Can I Fit In as a Resident? Every residency program has its own culture. Follow these tips to feel a sense of belonging in your new group.
  • How Stressful Is a Surgeon's Job? Follow this advice for assessing stress levels in surgery and other specialties.
  • Does Dealing With Death Get Easier? Losing patients -- an inevitable part of medical training -- might not be as emotionally difficult as you imagined.
  • Financial Considerations in Your Fourth Year Looking forward to your first paycheck as a resident? Keep money in mind as you finish medical school.
  • Assessing College-Bound Students for Mental Health Issues Don't waste the precollege health checkup -- discuss mental health with all college-bound students.
  • How Can I Earn Residents' Trust? Showing that you're trustworthy -- namely, a reliable and knowledgeable member of your team -- is critical for success in clerkships. Here's how to cultivate trust.
  • How Can IMGs Match in US Residencies? As an international medical graduate (IMG), you may have to be more aggressive in selling yourself than you realize. Follow these strategies to boost your chances of matching.
  • 5 Tips for Relocating During Medical Training Moving to a new city for an away rotation or residency can be stressful. Follow these suggestions to ease your transition.
  • Have No Regrets Medical school is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, if you take advantage of all it offers.
  • How Can I Connect With Kids? On your pediatrics rotation, you might hold a newborn for the first time or give a 4-year-old her vaccinations. Follow this advice to keep children's best interests at heart.
  • Is Medicine a Job or Lifestyle? It may seem like medicine takes over your life, but it gives you much more than it takes away, says Dr. Sheila Bigelow.
  • Should I Do an International Elective? Your elective time in medical school is precious. Read this advice on weighing the costs and benefits of going abroad.
  • How Can I Befriend a Resident? Follow this advice to cultivate a lasting mentoring relationship with a resident.
  • How Should I Spend My Fourth Year? Your last year in medical school is critical. Follow these tips to make the most of it.
  • How Important Is My Step 1 Score? For most specialties you can overcome a mediocre USMLE Step 1 score, but follow these study tips first to make the most out of the test.
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