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  • Concierge Practice: Could the New Models Be Right for You? Many physicians who are frustrated with the demands of medicine have considered concierge medicine, but may not have made the move. With new models emerging, some doctors may change their minds.
  • From Medical Malpractice to Murder Accusations; More Strange case takes an even stranger twist; why are million-dollar verdicts less common here?; patient's widow sues medical center.
  • Malpractice Case: Physicians Should Be Able to Say 'I'm Sorry' Sometimes saying 'I'm sorry' to a patient or their family can help prevent a malpractice lawsuit. This case explains why an act of contrition has tremendous value.
  • Sexual Harassment of Physicians: Report 2018 Medscape surveyed more than 6200 clinicians to find out whether they had been sexually harassed in the workplace, how they responded, who the perpetrator was, and how it affected their well-being.
  • 7 Services PCPs Forget to Bill For Primary care offices may overlook billing for services they provided; either they don't realize they can get reimbursed, or their billing workflow is flawed. Here's how to make sure you get paid.


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