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  • Alert FDA Clears First Device to Help Curb Opioid Cravings Placed behind the patient's ear, the NSS-2 Bridge stimulates branches of certain cranial nerves, which may provide relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms, the FDA said.
  • Identifying Women Who Benefit From Larger IV Bolus Pre-Epidural A larger bolus of intravenous fluid given at the time of epidural placement in pregnant women with narrow pulse pressure reduces the risk of fetal heart rate (FHR) abnormalities, post-epidural hypotension and resuscitative intervention, according to a randomized controlled trial.

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  • Brain Imaging Identifies CTE in a Living PersonA PET scan using a tau tracer accurately diagnosed chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a living professional football player, a finding researchers describe as a diagnostic 'milestone.'
  • Thrombectomy Up to 24 Hours Effective in Certain StrokesPublished results of the DAWN trial show patients with salvageable brain tissue identified by 'clinical-core mismatch' benefitted from endovascular therapy up to 24 hours after onset.
  • Whistleblowing Neurosurgeon Wins Big, but at a PriceA neurosurgeon convinced a judge that he was fired for reporting a colleague whose license was later suspended for disruptive behavior. The victor's $17.5 million court award, though, comes at a price.


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