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  • Resistance to PD-1 Inhibition Overcome With a CombinationFor metastatic melanoma that acquires resistance to PD-1 inhibition, that resistance may be overcome with a combination of the same PD-1 inhibitor and a toll-like receptor agonist, CMP-001.
  • Psychiatrists' Incomes Rise as Demand for Services SoarsPsychiatrists were in the lower half of specialists in earnings this year, but they saw the biggest gains in income (+16%), according to the Medscape Psychiatrist Compensation Report, released April 18.
  • Medicare Paid for Telehealth Services That Didn't Meet RulesAn audit found flaws with almost a third of claims submitted to Medicare for telehealth services, a field of treatment the program intends to expand even more while implementing improvements to the payment system.
  • Pediatricians Among Lowest-Paid Specialties Since 2013Pediatricians' annual compensation ranks among the lowest of all physician specialties, according to the 2018 Medscape Physician Compensation Report. This trend has persisted since 2013.
  • Prolonged Sitting Tied to Brain AtrophyThe beneficial effects of physical activity on brain health are well documented, but less is known about the impact of sedentary behavior on brain structures that involve memory.

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